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Our products have been under development since November 2016. The 'Dynamic Code Displacing Edition' (pre-release) is now available for download.

For limited time only, the 'Dynamic Code Displacing Edition' (pre-release) doesn't have any restriction, so feel free to use it in your commercial products. If it is useful to you, we ask that you pre-order an appropriate product.

Importance Notes:

  • Some advance features are not yet available, ie: 'Load on first called' and 'Load & Discard' will be available soon. In the current release all delegates are preloaded at run-time.
  • Support Console, WinForm, and WPF Application.
  • Target PC Windows platform only, support for other platforms will be added later.
  • The support for UWP and .NET Core is still under development and will be available soon.

Download Link:

Code Displacer Free Edition : in the mean time please used the link below (pre-release)

Cloak .NET - Code Displacer (pre-release) v1.1.2

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Version History:

v (20/7/18)

  • Fix bugs
  • Add more build options
  • Improve build and error reports

v (21/6/18)

  • Fix startup (null pointer) bugs

v 1.1.1.* (13/6/18)

  • Fix bugs
  • Improve startup sequence

v 1.1.0.*

  • Fix bugs
  • Brand new Dynamic Code Displacing Technology
  • add Command Line Tools, ie: ClkCLI.exe

v 1.0.1.*

  • Fix bugs
  • add support for WinForm Application
  • add support for WPF Application
  • add Dynamic Code Displacing in decloaking device

v 1.0.0.*

  • Support Windows (PC) Platform
  • Support for .NET Framework 4.0-4.71
  • Ability to cloak EXE
  • add support for Console Application
Download .NET Code Displacer (Code Displacing Obfuscator)